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Clients usually come to us when they are in a tough spot. They have psychological diagnoses such as depression or bipolar disorder and may be having trouble managing symptoms. They are often close to losing their housing, having the electricity cut off, or at risk of not having heat in the winter. They may be missing their meds or doctors' appointments. Maybe they are having trouble with money, employment, or good nutrition. Fortunately, one-to-one behavioral health from We Care VA can often help clients reverse many of their problems.

We Care VA, LLC sends mental health professionals and qualified paraprofessionals to the homes of clients for person-centered, goal-oriented support and training. Our training is designed to help people be more successful with the daily features of living in the community. These skills and this support will help clients succeed in the least restrictive residential setting appropriate by promoting self-efficacy, health, safety and independence. Core services include:

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The Skills We Teach

Each service plan is unique, but commonly includes:

One-to-One Home Services

Sessions can occur in various settings as needed, but we usually provide services in the comfort of the place each client calls home. This may be a private residence or an assisted living facility. One-to-one counseling between a client and a member of our staff is the usual approach - not group counseling. Sessions typically last one hour, and we tend to visit periodically over the course of six months - longer if needed.

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